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“Soroud”, a biannual jornal that publishes articles in French, English and Arabic. It is subject to peer-reviewing in accordance with the standards of academic journals. It publishes critical studies in literary criticism. The would be published article must be new, not published in any paper or electronic publication and must be scientifically documented and subject to scientific methodology.
– Summary of key issues and topics (200 words), keywords (Arabic,French and English) must be submitted. A brief biography of the author should include his/her full name and his/her speciality and job, and his/her last literary or critical production (100 words).
– Each study must include sub-titles.
– Articles must be sent to e-mail address:

Editor in Chief                                                        

Chouaib Halifi

Editorial Secretary: Bouchaib Saouri


Abdelfattah Lahjomri (Institute of Arabization, Rabat, Morocco)

Driss Kassouri (University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco)

El Miloud Othmani (University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco)     

Ahmed Jilali (University Hassan II, Casablanca)

Hassan Elmouden (University Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech)

Jamal Bendahman (University Hassan II, Casablanca)

Nina Morgan(K.S.V- USA)

Samir El Azhar (University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco)

Associate Editors

Brahim Azough -Salem Elfayda -Mohamed Mohyidine -Aicha Elmaaté – mohamed mastfi- Abdelhak Najih -Chouraichi Lamaachi -Said Ghassan -Younes Lechehab.

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Publisher: Qalam al-Maghribi, Casablanca

18, Rue 14, Riad El Ali,  20550, Casablanca, Morocco


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Press kit: 06/2018

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