First of all, the idea of starting Souroud, which was first published in 2018, cropped up from an integrated project that has initially been thought of since 1993. This project grew up specifically because a number of critics and scholars with teaching positions have joined the University ever since. The project also matured thanks to the opening of Narratology research Lab in May 1993 with research lines that chart questions pertaining to issues about narration, creativity and critical analysis within the precincts of literary theory and literary genres.

In a symbiotic interaction with critics, students and readers, our scholars have come up with a variety of insightful works presented during theme-oriented workshops, symposia and forums. Some of these works were published and became the starting point that triggered the idea of a journal that would reflect the academic specifications of literary and scientific research.  It is a bi-annual journal with a specific thematic focus for each issue. Articles appear in Arabic, English, French and Spanish and go through a rigorous peer-reviewing process, as is the case with academic journals.

Souroud publishes articles that deal with theoretical and practical aspects of literary criticism. Articles submitted to the journal should be original and have never been published in any format, print or electronic; and need to abide by the common methodological approaches adopted in writing articles.

This is a list of previous publications by the Souroud editorial board.