“Soroud” is a journal that publishes articles in French, English and Arabic. It is subject to peer evaluation in accordance with the standards of academic journals. She publishes critical studies in the field of literary criticism.


Address: 20550 Casablanca Morocco 18, Rue 14 Riad El Ali

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Guidelines for Article Submission to Soroud Journal

Submission Process:

Submissions should be sent as attachments in a Word document to

The Journal welcomes articles in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, emphasizing authenticity and non-prior publication in other journals.

Articles are recommended to be within the range of 4,000 to 6,000 words.

Article Components:

Each article should include a multilingual (French, English, Spanish, and Arabic) summary of approximately 100 words, highlighting the key issues addressed, along with 5 to 6 keywords.

A 100-word scientific biography of the author is required, reflecting proficiency in the languages used.

Review Process:

The editorial board and assigned task force assess received articles anonymously and forward them to at least two arbitrators for evaluation.

The article is evaluated based on an established network, determining whether it should be accepted as is, accepted with amendments, or not retained.

If amendments are needed, the author is given a specified period for revisions before reevaluation. 

Ethical Charter:

Soroud Journal adheres to a moral charter encompassing privacy, confidentiality, objectivity, scientific honesty, and non-disclosure of article information to unauthorized individuals.

Order of Publication:

The sequence of article publication is subject to technical requirements.

Financial Compensation:

Soroud Journal does not provide financial rewards for published materials, including research, studies, and articles. Additionally, the Journal does not charge any publication fees.

Editorial Style:

Soroud Journal follows the editorial system of The Chicago Manual of Style.

In-text references should be placed at the bottom of the page using serial numbers.

Arabic reference titles should be bold, and foreign language titles should be written in italics.

Detailed guidelines for book, article, newspaper, and e-publication references are provided, following the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.


Soroud Journal respects intellectual property rights, and for longer copyrighted material, written permission is required from Soroud Journal, even if academically acceptable for citation or translation with appropriate references.

Authors are encouraged to thoroughly review and adhere to these guidelines when submitting articles to Soroud Journal.